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Testimonial-Foodservice White House Chef

I was first introduced to Cascades Antibacterial Towels this past September at a Food Show
which was held at the MetLife Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. I was very impressed with the
product and was pleased when the Cascades representative I had been speaking with offered to mail me
some samples to try. I have been a chef for over 40 years. I have trained chefs that work at the White
House, Vice Presidents residence and Camp David through Central Naval Command in Washington DC
and have had the opportunity to test thousand of products throughout the course of my culinary career.

I must proclaim that after using these towels over the past 4 months I have witnessed its positive
results and I truly believe that by far it is one of the best products on the market! These antibacterial
towels are so amazing and so simple and easy to use that when you wash your hands and dry them with
this towel it actually kills the residual bacteria from your hands. It's unbelievable!! What an amazing
concept Cascades has introduced to the food service industry!! Cascades Antibacterial Towels are a
winning product in my book and I highly recommend them!! I give this product a five star rating!!

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Testimonial Meadowood Manor

Meadowood Manor has been using the Cascades Antibacterial hand towels for over a year.
Staff have commented that they like the soft feel of the towelling. Staff are aware of the antibacterial factor of the towelling and I have heard from some staff that they were not ill last year during the flu and cold season and they feel the towelling does appear to contribute to them not getting ill.
There are many factors being implemented in the Personal Care Home such as an increased awareness on hand washing, more use of hand sanitizer and the use of Cascades Antibacterial towels. Last year there were no widespread flu or cold outbreaks in the facility which does indicate the success of the above factors.

Valerie Roskosz - Support Services Manager
Meadowood Manor

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Antibact Testimonial Douglas


Testimonial, Montreal, February 2011
Utilization of antibacterial hand towel at the Douglas: unanimity among employees!

“If there’s an environment where hand hygiene is particularly crucial, it’s in the health sector, and it’s also where a slight increase at the attention paid at hand washing can lead to important benefits. A known fact is that a mere 20% increase in proper hand hygiene can lead to a 40% reduction in healthcare associated infections.
Cascades antibacterial hand towel allows us to improve hand hygiene without having to change old habits. It’s a simple, effective and inexpensive solution newly introduced in the market. The Douglas Institute has tested it as a pilot project in some of its units since early summer 2010.
Since then, we reap the praise of care teams who have the chance to use it and it is unanimous; the employees want to use it throughout the hospital. Our psychiatric facility treats a clientele who may have some difficulties to comply with basic rules of hygiene and in this context, the product is essential to provide additional protection to employees and patients. The Douglas Institute is very pleased to count on this world premiere.”

Julie Desmarais-Trépanier
Senior Advisor in Infection Prevention and Control at the Douglas Institute