Dear Mr. Moonie,
Following up on our telephone conversation the other day, I would like to express my thanks to Cleanway Supply for the exceptional service provided this week.  
My experience with Cleanway has been very positive since we took over the Jasper Way Inn last fall.  However this week, when I realized late one afternoon that we were out of reservation forms, Cleanway rearranged the driving schedule and had new forms delivered before we opened the office the next morning.  That kind of service is very impressive and greatly appreciated.
As I mentioned on the phone, I would like to receive more information about the products you supply and I am pleased to hear that you are planning to supply textiles.  
Thank you and best regards,
Deanna Dixon
Jasper Way Inn


Many people in our somewhat categorizing social structure seem to have a misconception of what the cleaning industry is all about.  Their vision of a person who cleans buildings for a living is someone who just isn’t qualified or capable of doing anything else.  In their misguided opinion, they perceive the job as requiring little or no skills outside of being able to wield a mop and a bucket.  To put it bluntly, they feel it is as low ranking a career choice as one can get.

Unfortunately, this antiquated way of thinking is something the cleaning industry is faced with everyday.  Many job estimates and quotations for quality work are turned down because ‘it wasn’t the lowest bid’, or ‘its just cleaning and low priority’, or ‘it doesn’t fit in our budget’.

We have environmental standards in place to assure ourselves of a place on earth for the future, and a health board to ensure the perpetuity of public vitality, but still we continue to ignore the significance, value, and the need for quality in the cleaning industry.  As a result, we spend thousands of dollars in emergency repairs and compensation costs.

The people at Cleanway Supply understand the difficulties faced by building maintenance contractors.  They have years of first hand experience in the field and a wealth of information to draw from.  They know what it takes to become successful in the business and maintain high standards for quality of service.  They too, struggle to change the worlds perception of what cleaning is all about and strive to raise the bar for the industry professionals.

One method, in which they attempt to accomplish this monumental task, along with keeping their customers and clients abreast of our ever changing and advancing technology, is through training seminars and product expos.

The last expo is one of many that my wife and I have attended over the past few years.  We feel they all have been presented in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, and traditionally, been very informative and immensely helpful.  
We have also found the course content to be very diverse and the instructors and speakers extremely knowledgeable, being particularly impressed with the ‘hands on’ training sessions.

We have met many people at these meetings, and naturally, most of them are in the same business.  Together we have shared our acquired knowledge /experiences on these occasions, and have always come away with at least one new tip on ‘how to’ or ‘what’s best’.

Thank you, Cleanway Supply for making these opportunities available to all of us.  They are well worth the time and effort you all have put in to ensure their success.  We look forward to attending many more in the future.

Best Regards,

Bob & Bea Radmore
Krysal Kleaning
Canim Lake, B.C.


I thought I would drop you a line and thank you for including Marino Manufacturing in your recent ''Cleaning Expo''. I'm sure you know, that there are no shortage of shows that a manufacturer gets invited to. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to including yet another one, in an already busy schedule. I have to admit, that you surprised me. Your show was the best attended, and most informative that I have been to in years because I do so many different shows, open houses, etc. I know how much hard work
goes into planning such an event. I also know what happens if that same hard work and planning isn’t done. I can tell you, that every manufacture and agent I spoke with, told me the same thing. This is the best show that they do.
Thanks again for including Marino Manufacturing, and please include me on your invitation list for future events.

Jim McILhargey

Dear Mr. Moonie,

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Cleanway Expo 2004.

We recognize that one of the best paths to improved occupational safety and health is involving stakeholders in the process. What the Cleanway Expo provides is a forum where industry can learn and share ideas. To provide safety and health education and training to the employers in their industry and to ultimately protect the cleaning industries greatest assets – their people. There is no replacement for the momentum that is generated when people come together to discuss a common problem and work towards a solution.  We are especially pleased that the expo ensures that small companies, who make up over 90 percent of the registered cleaning companies, have access to the training resources that have not always been within their reach. And that Cleanway also has the support and endorsement of their many suppliers.  

We would also like to thank you for your valued input on the health & safety print materials we will be distributing to the industry very soon. Your expertise and commitment to the cleaning industry has helped formalize this information and is greatly appreciated.

By partnering with organizations that share our prevention objectives, we make it safer for everyone.
We want to congratulate Cleanway Supply Inc. and their workers who worked hard to make the Cleanway Expo a success.  We are proud to join you in partnership.

Thank you for your leadership.


Lorne Scarlett
Industry & Labour Services - Small Business
Workers' compensation Board of British Columbia